Networking Questions and Answers for Interview-1

By | September 11, 2011

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watch Switches operate at Layer 2 Data Link Layer

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Loop Avoidance

Breakup collision domains

Switches create separate collision domains but a single broadcast domain



Hub operates at Layer 1 Physical Layer

No Filtering

No Addressing

Hub creates single collision domain and single broadcast domain

Make forwarding to all the ports when signal is arrived


By J. Darmok. Miles College. These symptoms were preceded by 2–3 pleomorphic forms months of labile mood discount 10 mg cholesterol test kit Q. What are (wireless / computer) networking?

Ans. – In the world of computers, networking is the practice of linking

two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data.

Networks are built with a mix of computer hardware and computer

software. Networks can be categorized in several different ways. One

approach defines the type of network according to the geographic area it

spans. Local area networks (LANs), for example, typically reach across a

single home, whereas wide area networks (WANs), reach across cities,

states, or even across the world. The Internet is the world’s largest public


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Ans. – Clients and servers are devices that perform specific functions on

a network Client devices normally request and receive information over

the network. Mobile computers and most desktop PCs operate as clients. A

server device hosts files, databases, Web sites, or other applications.

Server devices often feature higher-powered processors, more memory,

and larger disk drives than clients. The term client/server refers to any

network design utilizing clients and servers. Web, FTP, email, DNS and

many other database applications are client/server designs. Client/server

networks can be built on the Internet, on intranets, or in homes. The main

alternative to client/server networking is peer-to-peer networking, where

network devices all perform equivalent functions.

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Ans. – Intranet is the generic term for a collection of private computer

networks within an organization. An intranet uses network technologies as

a tool to facilitate communication between people or workgroups to

improve the data sharing capability and overall knowledge base of an

organization’s employees. Intranets utilize standard network hardware

and software technologies like Ethernet, WiFi, TCP/IP, Web browsers and

Web servers. An organization’s intranet typically includes Internet access

but is firewalled so that its computers cannot be reached directly from the

outside. A common extension to intranets, called extranets, opens this

firewall to provide controlled access to outsiders. Many schools and nonprofit

groups have deployed them, but an intranet is still seen primarily as

a corporate productivity tool. A simple intranet consists of an internal

email system and perhaps a message board service.

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Ans. – Where port numbers are concerned, consider an analogy between

the computer and the telephone. Port numbers and their associated

network addresses work something like telephone numbers and

associated extensions. One can think of a network address – say, an IP

address – like a telephone number. The IP address gives a unique number

for reaching someone on the Internet, just as a telephone number allows

you to reach a specific destination on the public telephone network. (Note

that telephone numbers have additional features that IP addresses do not

have, such as area codes that provide some geographic information about

a location.) Many larger organizations set up their telephone networks to

use phone extensions. These extensions are typically 2-5 digit numbers

that identify an individual phone within the organization. But from the

outside, all of these extensions are associated with a single telephone

number (in the USA, often a 1-800 or 1-888 number). A network port

number functions similarly to a telephone extension. Taken together with

a network address, a port number identifies both a computer and also a

“channel” within that computer where network communication will take

place. Just as different organizations may use the same extension

numbers “inside” their primary phone number, different computers use

the same set of port numbers.

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Ans. – Peer-to-peer is a type of network design where all devices

support roughly equivalent capabilities. Peer-to-peer networking (also

known simply as peer networking) is in contrast to client/server

networking, where certain devices have responsibility for providing or

“serving” network information and other devices consume or otherwise act

as “clients” of those servers. Peer-to-peer networking is most common on

small LANs, particularly Windows home networks. Peer networking on the

Internet gained widespread popularity thanks to file sharing services like

Napster. However, many of these file sharing services, including Napster,

actually integrate both peer and client/server networking design.

Technically, these are called hybrid networks.

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PING – Packet Internet Gopher

A utility that verifies connections to one or more remote hosts. The ping command uses the ICMP echo request and echo reply packets to determine whether a particular IP system on a network is functional. Ping is useful for diagnosing IP network or router failures. (INN) is an antibiotic useful for the treatment of a variety of microbial infections. It is a bacteriostatic; it became offered in 1949. Q. What is a NIC?

Ans. – NIC is short for Network Interface Card. A NIC allows you to

connect to connect to a network, or network device. They come in a

variety of shapes, sizes, and network support lists. The most common

network cards are PCI 10/100 Ethernet network cards in desktop systems,

and PCMCIA 10/100 Ethernet cards in laptops. NICs can be integrated into

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Ans. – NAT is short for Network Address Translation. In a nutshell, NAT

allows a group of computers to use a single IP address to communicate

with the outside world or another network. Additionally it separates

External IP addresses from internal network IP addresses.

A device or program using NAT sits between the Internet and the network.

It rewrites IP addresses and port numbers on the fly so every packets

appears to be coming from (or going to) the single IP address of the NAT

device instead of the actual source or destination. This allows more then

one system to access the Internet at the same time, and it allows a

measure of safety as the outside site never sees the internal IP address

for the system it’s sending to. In this way, NAT also acts as a simple


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VLAN – Virtual Local Area Network

Vlan is a logical grouping or segmenting a network connected to administratively defined ports on a switch, they provide Broadcast control, Security and Flexibility.

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Used in IP Networks to break up larger networks into smaller subnetworks. It is used to reduce network traffic, Optimized network performance, and simplify management i.e. to identify and isolate network problems.

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Communication is the process of sending and receiving data by means of a data cable that is connected externally.

Transmission means the transfer of data from the source to the destination. is tracked by us since November, 2011. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 15 035 399 in the world. It was owned by several Q. Does a Windows 95 Computer Support Internet Connection Sharing?

Ans. – Microsoft makes a software package called ICS that support

Internet Connection Sharing between Windows computers running Win98

Second Edition or newer (including Windows 2000). Microsoft ICS does

not run on Windows 95. However, Windows 95 will support Internet

connection sharing with the appropriate third-party software installed.

Both WinGate and Sygate Home Network implement this feature for

Win95 and later versions of Windows. These packages work with cable

and DSL service as well as with traditional dial-up modems. Shareware

and freeware alternatives also exist. provides effective relief for urinary problems as a result of an enlarged prostate. Click here to read more or to order discreetly online. Q. What is the difference between bps and Bps?

Ans. – The term “bps” specifies network bandwidth in bits per second. The

term “Bps” specifies network bandwidth in bytes per second.

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Ans. – The term “WWW” refers to the open development phase of the

Internet in the 1990s. The WWW comprises a global network of Web sites

accessible on the Internet.

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Ans. – URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) identify by name Web servers

and individual Web pages stored on those servers, anywhere on the


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Ans. – A URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) names both local and remote

Internet resources similar to URLs.


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